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2 Litre Q.C.  Still - Standard

£925 + VAT


Perfect apparatus for producing small quantities of essential oils


Special design allows accurate assays of both lighter and heavier than water essential oils


Kit comprises complete laboratory control Still


Quick and easy assembly of British custom-made glassware


Pyrex borosilicate glass - all hand blown in England


All electrical components EC approved to assure complete safety.


110v systems available on request.


More Information

Glass Quality Control Still – Standard


This apparatus has been designed exclusively for small-scale hydro-distillation, so is perfect for determining the perfect time to harvest your crop and ensure optimised essential oil yields. 


It can also be used for simple testing of potential plant materials to see if there is a worthwhile yield of essential oil - and if the oil has characteristics that would enable it to be used in your next fragranced product! 


Our clever design means that the oil separation system can also cope with those ‘awkward’ essential oils that are heavier than water - or become heavier as the distillation progresses.


We have taken the cleaning process into account too – the 100mm flanged glassware allows perfect access to ensure the flask remains in a perfectly clean and ready for your next distillation.


An additional side-socket future-proofs the kit too, allowing for additional components (e.g. stirrer paddle, separating flask, powder funnel etc.) to be added in the future, should the need arise.



Apparatus: The Q.C. kit comprises the following items:


  1. High quality CE Approved 2000 ml Heating Mantle with integral control panel

  2. Pyrex 2000ml round bottom flask with 100mm flange opening. 

  3. Pyrex flange lid 100mm with central socket and angled side arm socket.

  4. Pyrex stopper to seal off additional lid socket.

  5. Pyrex custom-made Dean & Stark apparatus for essential oil separation and removal.

  6. Pyrex custom-made ‘Graham’ condenser to fit the Dean & Stark apparatus.

  7. Stainless steel clip to secure the two flanges together.

  8. Heavy duty laboratory stand 10mm diameter.

  9. Customised clamp with integral adjustable boss

  10. Silicone grease for the ground glass joints.

  11. Flexible tubing 6mm internal diameter for the condenser


Assembly and operating instructions:


Full details are provided with every order. The only utility requirements are

  1. A 230V standard power supply.

  2. A cold running water supply and a suitable drainage point.

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