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Dolby Essential Stills has been manufacturing essential oil equipment since 1995.  We now manufacture fully in-house at our factory in the Garden of England, Kent, where our own welding team are on hand to work with you.

Resin Still
Complete resin still

Everything We Offer

Steam Distillation

Hydro Distillation

Oleoresin Distillation

Essential Oil Distillation is a tried and tested process for creating great profits for your business.


Farmers around the world distil the prized oil as a way to extract significant value from their raw crops.

When it comes to well-made distillation equipment for your essential oil venture, Bruce Dolby and the team are here to build the highest quality Still for your operation: all in-house, all with British stainless steel and equipment.


Lavender? No problem. We have steam distillation.


Vetiver? Big fat roots. We've got it. Hydro distillation.


Frankincense? Sticky mess. We’ve cracked it. We have stirring capacity.


Spices? Absolutely. We can build you an oleoresin Still.

"Having purchased this still in 2004 we have used it faultlessly every year, primarily to produce a range of essential oils from plants we grow on our small farm here in the Scilly Isles."

-Mike Hicks, 28 Miles, Westward Farm

Units B & C Smarden Business Estate
Smarden Ashford Kent TN27 8QL
01233 770780


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