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Dolby Essential Stills

Our Story

Manufacturing Essential Oil Equipment Since 1995

Essential Stills has been manufacturing essential oil equipment since 1995.  We now manufacture fully in-house at our factory in the Garden of England, Kent, where our own welding team are on hand to work with you.


Founder Bruce Dolby is a highly experienced fragrance and pure research chemist and a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.  After many years working in laboratories and patenting bespoke fragrances, he took his formulation knowledge with him to begin his own manufacturing operations.


Essential Stills has now proudly supplied customers beyond Britain, including customized stills for European and African businesses.  We specialise in tackling more challenging distillations, such as frankincense and myrrh, and ensure our decades of expertise are available to support emerging ventures.

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Bruce Dolby is a published author.


His book "Making Sense of Making Scents" can be purchsed here and is also available on Amazon (UK & US)

Did You Know?

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