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Solvent Distillation Equipment


This video shows the names of all of the components present in your kit, to assist you with their nomenclature.

It also show the additional parts that are only supplied with the 50 litre Mini-Still Deluxe, as follows:- 

Pear-shaped flask, boss for the large rod, cork gaskets, 'T'-piece attached to the adaptor, securing clamp and rubber gaskets.

Price £799 + VAT


Perfect apparatus for use when producing oleo-resins, concretes and absolutes. It will enable the user to reclaim the solvents that are used in their production so that they can then be re-used for further production.


Special design with wide-necked flask allows the easy removal of sticky and highly viscous resinous materials using e.g. a soft spatula.


Kit comprises a complete laboratory Still: the thermometer allows for precise separation during the distillation.


Quick and easy assembly of British custom-made glassware, using entirely scientific borosilicate glass - all hand blown in England


All electrical components EC approved to assure complete safety and full instructions are provided. 

110v systems available on request.



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